Monday, January 31, 2011

Kitchen Inspiration

So we put in an offer on our second choice house (we were outbid on our first choice house) and it was accepted. The house has been renovated and everything is perfect to our needs and wants, except for one...the Kitchen!
It looks like they started renovations and then stopped. It has beautifully done tiled floors and backsplash, but the counters are like cheaply made from the 1960s or something! After spending some time online and at different kitchen remodeling centers we have settled on doing WHITE cabinets! Oh my!
I never thought in a million years we would want to do a WHITE kitchen. But after seeing some inspiration kitchens we are totally in love with the idea. Everyone is doing maple or cherry looking cabinets, dark granite countertops and stainless steel appliances anyway. We want the feel of the house to be more French Country with a bit of Parisian chic/luxury thrown in.
Of course we have to have an island, and I want the feel of the kitchen to be kind of farmhouse chic, so I'm totally loving the idea of the island being more like a farmhouse work table like the photo below...
Or even this one! Plus I like the idea of being able to move the table around if needed in order to open the kitchen more. Plus you could store some really cute looking baskets, etc on the bottom for extra storage as well as design.
I do want the cabinets to have some kind of decor or design element that makes it look a little more luxorious, like these below. We plan on doing a light grantie countertop in some shade of gray. Our plan is to also have some cabinets be glass front with a lead design like these below.
We've found a great place in our area that can design the kitchen and add some great textural elements to the cabinets that we had not even considered. The end of the cabinets that cover the fridge for instance, will be a small cabinet that opens up to reveal a cork board and a dry erase board that will be great for Honey Do Lists, Grocery Lists, Messages and more. It will take up the whole length of the fridge, so plenty of space.
I think we are coming close to the look and feel of the pictures above and below.

I defintely want the island to have enough room on one side for stools. I love to sit and watch the hubby cook!
This was not a project we wanted to spend the money on, or to take on, but now that we have been doing some inspirational shopping for a new kitchen I'm excited for the project! Another room to decorate. Yay!!
Before and After pictuers will be coming soon for all rooms. We dont close to mid April, so I have plenty of time to continue my window shopping!


hanna said...

You could decide that you do not want to remodel your kitchen countertops, and would rather just focus on a particular part of it, such as your worktops or floor. Or you could go for redecorating the kitchen and see how this looks. I don know that you will ever be able to avoid this completely, but if you create an area for tools it will help a great deal.

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